Best Online Digital Banks in India – [Comparison]

After Technology has improved, the landscape of the banking system has been rapidly changing. The best digital banks in India have been increasing day by day and offering the best services. Digital bank accounts offer many advantages like setting up your account instantly.

This not only helps the customer to gain the benefits but makes the banking system more convenient. 

Digital Banks in India

No doubt, India is fantastic with the digital banks to choose from.

There are many best digital banks, which have expanded their services to include digital banking for services starting from Axis Bank to Punjab National banks.

The competitive digital support to the customer’s digital account users in India can manage their finances digitally from their smartphones, only you don’t have to manage your account by visiting the nearby branch of your bank.

Best Online Digital Banks in India

Banks have been changed and banking options are available to all those people in India who have their bank account.

From accounts with the main balance requirement to the advanced account with premium benefits.

Now there is a digital account for everyone.

Digital Banks in India

Axis Bank

Axis Bank founded in 1993 is one of the best digital banks in India. It is the best leading bank in India. Axis Bank is the third-largest bank in the private sector in India.

This bank offers a wide variety of services for their customer’s personal and Corporate financial services being offered these services include all the services that customers can use digitally.

Axis Digital Account

Axis Bank you will be able to choose a variety of services online for instance setting up the account hassle-free. Customers can enjoy plenty of benefits.

However, the offers depend on the account type and customers can gain benefits accordingly. Through digital services, people can easily avail the of discounts and rewards.


HDFC has its headquarter in Mumbai. This digital bank in India was founded in the year 1994. A variety of digital banking options are available for the customer through the HDFC Digital Banking System.

Instant Savings and Salary Account Digitally

The digital bank account system, HDFC helps all the age group people to make the banking system easy for them. The bank understands the priority of the customer and offers them many benefits.

They offer the process of creating an account digitally, whether you are looking for opening a salaried or savings account HDFC holds you back perfectly.

It is a perfect digital accounting system for you to consider the requirements and benefits that vary upon the account type.

DBS Bank

DBS is one of the leading multinational banks. The bank was founded in 1968 and is one of the leading banks in India.

DBS has operations in 17 different Markets with its headquarter in Singapore. One of the leading and best digital banks in India.

Understanding the digital banking system DBS offers the DigiBank platform to the users. You can easily access a variety of features including 4% interest on their savings.

You will be able to simplify the way of the bank and control of finances easily. Digibank is loved due to many features, for example, paper-free signup. 


The most famous digital banks in India. ICICI Bank was founded in the year 1955.  ICICI has its presence in 17 different countries, the bank offers a wide variety of services to the customers this includes display banking services as well.

For those who are looking to take digital banking services from ICICI Bank, open instant savings account offered by them in India. Once they have done so they will start getting benefits from the bank.

A bank offers a digital debit card for a physical debit card as per the requirement of the customers. Indusland Bank is amongst the best digital banks in India, so choosing it won’t be a regret for you.

Indusland Bank

Indusland bank is considered to be a new generation bank in India in the private sector; the bank was founded in 1994. It understands the future requirements of the banking system. For those interested in digital banking in India, this land might be the perfect choice for you.

Indus DigiStart

People who are looking to open a digital bank account instantly within India. The Indus DigiStart account is a perfect account for those who want their services immediately by unlocking many great features.

Indusland offers great benefits to the digital banking system with no minimum balance requirement. Once the setup is one you can start reaping the benefits.

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Final Verdict

People are discovering the advantages of having their banking means and banking needs. Nowadays the need is increasing day by day for those residing in India there are plenty of digital accounts to choose from. You just have to access it remotely. The demand for the best digital banks is increasing and it is changing the way we see the banks. Now, many things are just in your hands and you can easily do it.

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