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Avoid 8 Mistakes While Planning for Retirement Plan

Does a retirement plan stick with the bag of emotions and money? Do you think so? Well from happiness to anxiety you might have experienced it. I am not retiring from my work, but do have better ideas for a retirement plan. We know that someday we might reach the stage where we’ll stop working and start living peacefully. How? Living your life after retirement is tough for those who haven’t planned for their retirement plan.

Henceforth, we are burdened with a lot of questions like how to save money, steady income growth, etc. It is easy to get overwhelmed with worries. Don’t you think planning for your retirement can bring confidence about your future? No doubt that many people might have thought of retirement plans. Isn’t it? So here I am more concerned about those who make these 8 mistakes while planning for their retirement plan.

These Mistakes Can Make Your Retirement Plan Tough

Retirement Plan

#1. No Saving

Many people don’t even think about retirement so they don’t save. Why they do so? Many people think that Employer benefits like PPF and insurance will be enough. Do you think they will cover all your retirement needs? Trust me you need to proactive with your plans.

Even saving a small portion for your retirement will add value to the employee and that will contribute to your retirement corpus. You just have to focus on your retirement plan.

#2. Not Saving Enough

Across your lifespan, prioritize your today’s want over tomorrow’s need. You may not end up saving enough. Make a habit to keep 25% of gross income aside for your retirement needs. But remember adding a substantial amount. If you are not saving enough then try to avoid these mistakes from an early age.

#3. Saving without a Plan

One of the biggest investment mistakes is saving your money without any investment plan. Work with the financial advisor who will craft a goal-based plan that will help you to live comfortably for the future also.

Without a saving plan, there is no investment. So make your saving plan.

#4 Starting to save too late

Delaying saving for your retirement is another common mistake. We spend the first few years providing for dependents and taking care of the immediate needs.

However, it is imperative to start saving for your retirement as early as your first job to ensure that your returns are maximized. The compounding power of your investments will help you to retire with a comfortable corpus.

#5. Living Burdened with Debt

Being in debt is the most crucial part. If you don’t have a steady income then that will be a serious concern. Live within your means and take loans for necessities for example home loans.

Ensure that your EMI’s are well structured in a manner that you pay off the loans and be debt-free before retiring.

#6. Investing in Debt at Younger Age

When you are younger, you can afford somehow to take the risk but it is advisable that invest more inequity than in debt at the starting of your career and progressively move to debt as you near retirement.

#7 Not Understanding the Fine Print

Tempted by high returns and capital appreciation, we forget about the fine prints. The well-advised person is the financial advisor who will help you in explaining the details of the product, such as lock-in period, risk levels, expected returns, etc before making any decision.

#8  Listening to Casual Investment Advice

Bankers, insurance agents, and other trends to sell your plans that aren’t useful. Seek the advice of your financial advisor and invest your funds where your goals can be met.

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Make a better plan for your retirement. Your plans should be based on current age, asset base, expense, and overall risk space. Keep your debts aside before making a retirement investment plan. Avoid these mistakes in investing when planning your retirement plan and you will set your goals.

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