What to do for Higher Education Savings?

The growing expenses of your child’s higher education might be a headache for parents. Sometimes it becomes challenging for parents to afford the education expenses. Higher Education is no longer affordable in our country.

India lacks dedicated resources for accumulating funds for higher education to fulfill education expenses. Many believe that a strong education has become critical to securing a future for your children.

Education costs and tuition fees are ever-rising, and preparing for these expenses early can help you manage the cost of raising your child and securing a bright future.

Still, not to worry, we are here to help you with the smart plans for higher education for your children.

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Higher Education Plan

Nowadays, planning accurately for your child’s higher education expenses is a need of an hour. However, your child’s education expenses by planning and having a sound investment strategy can change your child’s future.

Investing the amount might help you in the future and this could be the best thing that you can consider for saving.

You can also reduce risk by taking away investment from high-risk products to a safer option when your long-term investment plans are brought to maturity.

A common problem faced by the parents for Higher Education Loan

The parents have to face many common problems while investing in their kid’s education is difficult for them to save for their child’s higher education.

Firstly, plan for investment and saving money and manners. But some investors do not consider the inflation rates, and predicting a lesser amount for the education expense is not the right way.

It is fair enough that saving money for your children is not an easy task as it is difficult to make and track the investment for the long term.

Using the exact amount won’t be predicted, but considering a lesser amount for higher education doesn’t make any sense. At times it is difficult for investors to choose the best form of investment as most of the instruments do not have risk factors associated with that, but they do keep a clean eye on that.

Education Inflation | Things to Learn

Education inflation is an indicator of rocking educational experience calculated to stop education inflation at 10-12% in India, doubled from the household inflation.

So it might help them with their income to spend less and save more.

The first one is the falling value of the Rupee, and the second is ensuring that people are not worried about exchange rates.

Why there is a need of Separate Higher Education saving fund?

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Parents are tense about saving for higher education. Savings funds can be further divided into separate ways: the first is essential, and the second is discretionary.

Discretionary saving funds are the funds with specific needs. It can be for anything like a car, a house, vacation, etc. Comparing Essentials saving funds, they depend on the need and can’t be avoidable. 

For instance: Emergency funds, retirement corpus, and a Higher Education fund for your children. Avoiding the discretionary funds would cost nothing. They are not at all necessary. Essential Funds are necessary and can’t be avoided.

Set a Initial Goals

Parents have many questions in their minds, and I feel like answering all of them by just saying ‘Plan’. Whether you think of saving for your child’s bright future or vacation.

The right way to go with the higher education goal is to plan the best opportunity to give to your children. 

For instance: Choosing the best institution in India or abroad, living expenses, and adjusting the amount with inflation. It is the major plant that can turn their future. 

There are also education cost calculators that might help you sort out the things parents generally account for more variables, including the city, country, or more.

Setting a goal is sometimes tough, but how much to save for a diverse course, for example, engineering, medical, etc. The fees vary according to the course type.

Of course, once you have set an amount, a regular SIP and the power of compounding can get you to save for your child’s higher education easily.

Managing Your Cash Flows Can Help

Financial planners suggest the flexibility of investment plans. When we are saving to create an education corpus, we are just protecting some cash flow that may be far different from what you say for your child’s future.

Parents buy property or land to fund their children’s higher education. Using physical assets like land, property, etc can fund your future financial goals.

Shortfall of Funds A Big Hype

Many parents have a shortfall when they think about reaching that goal amount despite the efforts made there to afford loans that can help you out for your child’s higher education.

However, it wouldn’t be burdensome because parents have done most of the work by saving and investing wisely.


Higher Education is not at all burdensome now, you just have to plan things correctly. Making an investment plan for education is as important as you are planning to buy a new house. It is definitely an essential expense that can’t be ignored. Stay tuned for more such investment tips and tricks.

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