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Importance of Health Insurance in India at the time of COVID-19 [Must Know]

COVID has made us realize that the future is uncertain, and medical emergencies can occur anytime, anyhow! We know that taking precautions would help but have to ever think of taking the best health insurance? So, to protect you from medical emergencies Health Insurance is a must.

We all know that the future is unpredictable, and nobody is aware of what will happen in the future. The only thing that is savior is your health insurance.

Let us understand the importance of Health Insurance with different aspects.

Pre and Post Medical Expenses

Health Insurance medical expenses

Your Health Insurance will provide you with free annual health checkups without any charge that includes all basic health necessities and tests like blood sugar, urine, ECG, etc. So this is the part for all the people who will be getting insured.

The annual checkup can give them health alerts with comprehensive and adequate guidance. Your pre and post-medical expenses.

Income Tax Benefits Under Section 80D:

Along with the free health checkups and hospitalization, the best part is health insurance that gives you the exemption under 80D.

The health insurance benefits that cover the whole family can allow you for the exemption up to 60000/- Henceforth, it also depends on parents and you.

Group health insurance will be reducing the taxable income. This can be one of the significant benefits.

Cashless Hospitalization

Health Insurance cashless hospital

If the person is suffering from any critical illness that includes COVID, then he or she will be treated immediately with cashless hospitalization.

Yes! You don’t require any cash deposit.

With the help of the best health insurance, cashless hospitalization can be considered to be the best. The treatment will stop!

High Treatment Charges

As COVID-19, many have gone through significant health issues like low oxygen levels, ventilator support in intensive care treatment.

The COVID charges that people with high infection levels need proper treatment that should be in the hospital. The cost of treatments becomes high, and thus people who are insured have the significant and responsive benefit to avoid the high cost.

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COVID Claims Woes- Health Insurance

COVID-19 cases in the second wave have exploded many things, therefore, burdening hospitals and health insurers to cover all.

Initially, the number of COVID claims did not match the number of cases but now, with the rapid increase in pace.

Besides, a few network providers have started refusing cashless claims to patients suffering from this dangerous disease. Therefore, insurers are ending up paying more tariffs.

But why so? Have you ever wondered how things worked in 2020, and trust me, we are now in the most crucial situation?

Moreover, now delays in claim settlement are inevitable due to the spiraling COVID-19 cases. We have seen insurers co-operating, but there have been delays in cashless payments due to the scarcity of different resources with the hospital and the insurer’s end.

This is one expected line due to the heavy volume of cases. It is necessary whether you are suffering or not, you should have health insurance as your back!

Don’t you think you need to ensure that you have the best health insurance policy at your end? Well! I don’t think anyone here would be saying no, now taking care of your health with an insurance policy will bring a significant impact on your life, so don’t wait much in choosing your cover plans.

Many insurance companies came up with excellent strategies, and definitely, it has got your back! When are you choosing the best coverage plans for you? Be insured with the best health policy in 2021.

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